About Us

FhAs a company that is both family owned and family run, as you might expect. Family values are extremely important to us. Throughout the twenty years that Atlantic Home Remodeling has been operating. we believe that it’s exactly these values. Tat have enabled us to build up a satisfied customer base. who are happy to recommend our services to others. Whose loyalty we are deeply grateful for.

Not only do we believe in respecting everyone we work with. From our customers and craftsmen, to our builders and designers. But we also believe that only quality materials and services, give quality results. After all, there’s little point in us remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. Only for you to have to renovate mere months afterwards because. The materials and equipment used, were of an inferior quality.

Trustworthy and reliable, our remodeling and addition services – coupled with painting, carpentry and handyman services – provide all-round, comprehensive solutions for all your home renovation needs, and together, we can make your home, the stuff of dreams.

Atlantic Home Remodeling